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Categories + Services

  • Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Fine Timepieces 
  • Custom Design
  • Colored Stone Jewelry
  • Signed Vintage Jewelry
  • Private Jewelry and Investment Consulting


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The process begins with an initial meeting to discuss your vision. With every detail in mind, I put together a selection of exquisite options, create custom designs, and work with talented artisans to bring the piece to life. 

Exceptional Service

Personalized experience and unparalleled service remain at the heart of every transaction.

I go above and beyond for every customer on every request, continually seeking new ways to deliver beyond expectations and industry standards. 

Quality Sourcing 

I diligently source the most impeccable options available and I stand behind the quality of every piece that I offer.

Timepieces are acquired through highly-vetted distributors, guaranteeing their authenticity. 

Ethical Practices 

I never sell with inflated margins, always working to bring value to my clients and build lasting relationships above all else. 

I work to ensure that all diamonds within my sphere of influence adhere to stringent standards of verifiable origin.