I’m interested in building my fine jewelry wardrobe. Where do I begin?

Building a quality fine jewelry wardrobe is a lifelong process for any true jewelry lover. Your fine jewelry should be solid 14K, 18K, Platinum, or sterling silver at least. "Gold plated"/"Gold Fill"/and "Gold Vermeil" jewelry is just for trends and fun. When you are putting real money into a collection get something you can wear forever. Here are my top picks for ladies:

Diamond Studs: If you have pierced ears diamond studs are essential. Whether they are .25ct each or 5ct each, there is a diamond stud for every budget. Opt for martini settings that fit close to the ear and invest in screw-back posts to secure your expensive pieces.

Hoops and Huggies: From classic gold to diamond encrusted, hoops and huggie style earrings are a fun staple for every girl.

The Everyday Necklace: I love a diamond solitaire in a bezel or a simple gold bar. Religious motifs, protective amulets, and other charms are also popular on an everyday gold chain.

The Cocktail Ring: A giant cocktail ring is a perfect way to add pizzazz. I love a chunky gold ring or something with a large gemstone. Semi-precious Citrine, Amethyst, and Aquamarine all make a bold statement. Make sure your mani is on point though.

Bangles/Cuff: A stack of bangles or a great cuff are a perfect way to add personality to your collection.

The Statement Necklace: This is the only area where I feel like it’s okay to cut costs. There are so many great fast fashion statement necklaces out there. Be careful with the materials here. The look is bold and expensive not overwhelming and tacky. Remember, even Coco Chanel wore fake pearls!

Are you interested in building your fine jewelry wardrobe? Lets discuss.

Bonus Round:

The Body Chain:I love a body chain and I basically live in mine. It’s like jewelry lingerie, it doesn’t matter what you wear on top, you’ll feel sexy knowing what’s beneath.

Charm Bracelet: I’m patiently waiting for the charm bracelet resurgence because I LOVE charm bracelets. Adding a charm for special occasions tells a beautiful story and also makes gift giving easy for your loved ones.

The Watch:Lots of ladies have taken to wearing men’s sized watches which is a great look. I also like a small ladies watch layered with lots of bangles and bracelets.

The Sentimental: Have a family heirloom you would like to update? Contact me.